3 million issued certs and almost 2 million unexpired certificates

okay that makes sense.

Here’s my latest graph about growth of Let’s Encrypt’s certificate body. A form of this data is going to replace the existing letsencrypt.org/stats/ page eventually.

Live version: https://ct.tacticalsecret.com/ || A bit more information in a blog post


I’d prefer adding this chart.

6 039 649 unexpired certificates now. :smiley:

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Is Let’s Encrypt the Largest Certificate Authority on the Web? (EFF)

7 094 596 unexpired certificates now. :grinning:

@JoWa, that was quick!

Yes, another million unexpired certificates in one week. :astonished:

New major user(s) (hosting provider, CDN)? Or existing major user(s) that renew lots of certificates? In the latter case there might be lots of sites with two unexpired certificates, new and old, until the old certificate expire.

8 126 225 unexpired certificates now. :relaxed:

15 September to 15 October.

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What is going on? Ten million unexpired certificates!? :astonished:

22 April to 18 October

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I guess the next renewal phase for some older ones, maybe it’ll drown a bit in the next 30 days.

Maybe Squarespace is part of it?

“Squarespace will soon make up more than 30% of Let’s Encrypt’s total certificate volume.” Maybe already?

BTW, https://letsencrypt.org/stats/ is stuck (20 October) again. https://ct.tacticalsecret.com/ is more up to date.

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Wow! Nearly five million Lets-Encrypt FQDNs in France. That’s huge.

Ah, I guess that’ll be due to OVH https://www.ovh.com/fr/hebergement-web/

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Maybe we should fork an new Thread ?
10 Million i think its work to start an new one.

btw are there still some stats about the total number of LE certs (just for fun, I know the number is inflated)

Let’s Encrypt Authority X1: https://crt.sh/?Identity=%&iCAID=7395 (1 358 780)
Let’s Encrypt Authority X3: https://crt.sh/?Identity=%&iCAID=16418 (now 17 118 098)


thanks. for some reason I couldnt acces crt.sh in the night (CET) (I thought maybe address wrong or whatever) but they are having some serious growth. but well with the removal of startssl and wosign, actually no wonder.

IdenTrust’s root certificate is now used for four percent of the top ten million websites (W³Techs). :slight_smile:

Twelve million certificates active (30 November). :slight_smile: https://ct.tacticalsecret.com/