Zertifikat umziehen auf neuen Server


Wie kann ich ein bereits vorhandenes Zertifikat, das auf einem Server installiert ist, auf einen anderen Server übernehmen(transverieren)

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Moving certificates from one server to another is usually quite simple.
In general, one would copy the entire contents of the ACME controlled directory from one server to another [for a complete synchronization].
If you require anything less, you could then simply delete the certs that you don't need [on that second server].
Where the certs are stored depends on the ACME client used and how it was used.

If you require more help...

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Wie wäre es, wenn Sie einfach den PRIVATE KEY und die CERTIFICATE-Dateien (einschließlich der Fullchain) von der alten auf die neue kopieren?

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@Bruce5051, although copying just the cert over to the new server would "work", it doesn't address the impending expiration.

Hopefully, they will take renewing their certs into consideration.


@rg305, Yeah I never know how detailed or not detailed to answer a question.
Basically what am I to infer and not infer. :beer:

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