ZeroSSL no private key is generated?

Cannot believe that @leader know that 20 days ago and still no any MESSAGE or something in the website :frowning:

Now I’ve disabled the Grammarly plugin but I’m receiving an error of too many certificates, nothing to do the next 7 days?

Error finalizing order :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains: … : see

Edit: If you add another subdomain it works xD…
before => too many…
after => it works well and generate certificate and key WITHOUT GRAMMARLY PLUGIN

@CKGrafico, your statement is not quite correct. There is a message on site regarding the chance of extensions interfering with the site if you receive an error. While I might extend the FAQ to also mention that some plugins or extensions might affect the experience of using the site, I’d like to point out that the software development is not about changing something on a guess. If you read the messages above, you will notice 2 things:

a) There was a case of Grammarly plugin interfering and it was fixed when it was reported.
b) The user in question (@joeybab3) has never provided further feedback regarding whether disabling Grammarly in this specific case helped.

If there was a confirmation that it helped or another report that with the plugin/extension “ABC” of version “X.YZ” for the browser “Insert your favourite browser here” there is an error (or some unexpected behaviour of the system), but that goes away once that plugin/extension is disabled, that would trigger a proper process of investigating how to fix the issue with an appropriate message placed on site while it is being fixed.

Your message above is the first report that actually confirms that with the plugin it does not work, but without plugin it does. If you PM me the details (as to version of the plugin, version of the browser and OS and the issues you have experienced with that extension enabled in your browser), I will certainly look into fixing that issue as quickly as possible.

I think nobody needs any extension to create certificates, a big an red banner before contact with letsencrypt api will be nice to know that any plugin can generate problems during the process, because this website is used be non-experienced people xD when I have understood my problem was to late and now I can only have a certificate for because and request to many certificates this week :slight_smile:

BTW: Grammarly Version


The level of experience of the visitors on site may vary indeed, and there is a chance that even the message will not be interpreted correctly, since not everyone would know how to disable those extensions for instance. This is why I would prefer to actually fix the issue rather than show a banner that there is one, even if it affects potentially just a fraction of the clients. And this is why reliable and detailed reporting about any problems is important - it helps to improve the software and make the experience of using the site better for everyone. I hope that makes sense.

I can understand on the other way the limit of generation is a problem, maybe you can add some message like, you have generated 4 certificates today, are you sure to generate another one? or something haha

ZeroSSL doesn’t track what you are doing (in fact, it doesn’t even use cookies). Even if an option to “remember” that you have generated a certificate was introduced for the sake of showing a warning that you might have generated too many, that would not be as straigtforward as it might seem - you would need to resort to some Web Storage to track issuance for the specific (potentially long) sets of domain names, since this is what rate limits apply to. Considering that the cases where this might help are unlikely to happen often, the changes like that might not provide any actual benefits to the users and they might be seen as slightly intrusive.

@CKGrafico You might not have intended it but messages like this can be very discouraging for free software maintainers and volunteers to read. I think its important to call out that @leader is a volunteer on the community forum and spending their personal time helping out (above and beyond the effort involved in creating and running ZeroSSL!).

In the future I think a more supportive way of trying to bump attention on a question you thought was unresolved would be something like:

“Hey @leader, I’m still having problems getting a certificate even though I’ve disabled Grammarly. Do you think you can take another look?”

It might seem like a small thing overall but I promise that over time these things add up and can be quite discouraging.

Thanks for considering it!


ZeroSSL now detects the presence of the extensions modifying the web pages and shows an appropriate message (linked to an explanation in the FAQ as to why it is shown). Please note that even though Grammarly specifically has an option to turn off checking for the site, the modification of some attributes of the elements on the page would still take place even in “turned off” state, so it is recommended to completely disable the extension for the duration of the certificate issuance.


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