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RT-AC86U, I got trouble to access my router via []
the SSL certificate has expired, please advice how to

  • extend certificate validity for existing name
  • set auto renew.



Does your ISP allow visitors to access your site on port 80?

Thank you


I really don’t have idea about that, shall I ask my ISP (True Internet).


Hi @Ahome982,

If you originally got the certificate inside the router interface somehow, then you should probably ask Asus about this because they have most likely created their own certification software as part of the router firmware. In that case, the same functionality should be used for renewals, and Asus can probably help you to figure out how to do that.

If not, then how did you originally obtain the old certificate?


Hi Schoen
Yes, you are right. the DDNS and certificate are managing by ASUS.
I requested ASUS to check and they fixed the problem.
But It took so many days to communicate pass Thai Technical Support through somebody else.
I really need to know who is the right contact person at ASUS?
I mean someone who really understand the system, not Thai Technical Support.
Thank you.


I am sorry to say that I don’t know the people at Asus and don’t have any contacts there to suggest. I hope if the problem comes back that you can find a more knowledgeable contact somehow.


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