Wrong IP connected with Domain Name after SSL certificate installation?

I am using a Raspberry pi to host my website, I got everything working at some point. After I ran the certbot apache configuration, my domain now reference’s to my local device IP, instead of the WAN address. Even if I fill the WAN address in the address bar, it goes straight to the local device IP. And the website is not accessible from another network than the same network as the raspberry pi. Anyone who knows a fix because I can’t find a solution to this? (A - record is set as it is supposed to)

Hi @SvenWesterhof99

please share your domain name.

LE certs don’t contain IP addresses.
You should be using https://your.domain.name/

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landgrabrun.com is my domain name

I found out that wordpress was referring to the wrong URL, sorry for the hassle. Thanks for the responses!


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