Wrong domain listed?

Hi. My domain has a handful of domains using LE. But on the main domain (nkx.co) it’s showing the domain on the cert as ajoaz.org?

Virtually every certificate today has two places it lists domains: what is known as a common name and list of subject alternative names. There can be only one common name, but there can be any number of subject alternative names (up to 100 with Let’s Encrypt).

The common name is featured prominently in many browser UIs, but all the subject alternative names are valid for the certificate.

Your certificate does indeed list ajoaz.org as the common name, and lists a number of other domains including nkx.co as the subject alternative name.

If you provide a list of domains to them, most Let’s Encrypt clients choose the first domain listed. If they are read from virtual host configurations, they could easily end up in alphabetic order.

If you’d like to change the common name as displayed in browser UIs, you could reissue the certificate with a preferred common name, or split the domains up among multiple certificates each with their own common name. How exactly to do so depends on whether you used certbot or another client and what options you passed to it when first issuing the certificate.

But realize this is purely cosmetic thing; your certificate is indeed valid for all the domains listed in the subject alternative name, including nkx.co.

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