Wishlist: provide Timestamp services


This comes up on occasion, like Time stamp validation, missing certificate on Stack Overflow. In the SO question, the developer is tring to get his data signed by a commercial CA that offers a “free” time stamping service.

Later, after trouble shooting the disconnect between the marketing literature and the operational failures, the developer commented:

I am now under the impression that they’re not really free. I think it’s a free “add on” to some other products they sell, perhaps.

I’ve also needed a time stamp service a few times in the past. The occassions are infrequent, but when they are needed, its usually a pain point.

Please consider adding a free Timestamp service to the Let’s Encrypt offerings.


Hi @noloader,

Is there any particular reason that this service would need to be provided by a certificate authority, or by a browser-trusted certificate authority in particular?

I agree that timestamping services could be very useful, but I had the impression that there were already a few of them out there, and I’m not currently aware of a reason that only CAs can provide them or that a CA-provided timestamping service is inherently more useful than a timestamping service provided by some other organization.


For Browser HTTP protocol i think there is no reason. Maybe the idee behind the request is that
letsencrypt should provide all core services that are required in the Certificate environment.