Windows IIS Renew: Expires today but acme says to renew in a month?


Been getting notifications that my cert expires today (which seems to be true) but when the command runs, the output says to renew after April 6. Any ideas? The certificate showing in IIS says it was created 12/6 which is true, so today is 90 days. The April thing confuses me, as does the lack of renewal.

Edit: After looking through the GitHub for letsencrypt-win-simple, specifically this old one…

I manually updated it as suggested at the tail end of that issue and it worked. The only thing after that was I had to go back into IIS and associate the new cert back to the site.

Guess it’s something screwy with letsencrypt-win-simple. Sorry to bother you guys.


Resolved… found the issue in the Git for letsencrypt-win-simple. I edited the main body with the link.


No bother! Thanks for sharing your solution so that anyone else that ends up here with the same problem will be able to find it with less searching.

Glad you’re all set! :rocket: :trophy:


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