Windows 2012 scheduled task missing after install

I can RDP to the Windows 2012R2 server and am admin.

After installing, I do not see a renew scheduled task. We have an application that blocks powershell from running, for security reasons. Does the install use powershell to create the job? Is it possible to create Scheduled Task manually? Does the Task require powershell?

This is certbot 1.22.0.


Probably not, but it should be able to execute the certbot renew command.

You could... try?

Hi @fuzzy17,

The PowerShell script that sets up the scheduled task can be found here: certbot/renew-up.ps1 at master · certbot/certbot · GitHub.

Perhaps you can adapt it to your needs.

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Just create a new scheduled task that runs "certbot renew" no? You'll probably need it to run as administrator.

I assume you're using this for Apache or nginx, not IIS.

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