Will the root ca certificate expiring affect my iot device connected to a server

i am using a letsencrypt ca root c3 certificate for my server as well as the iot device which is built in the CC3220 TEXAS. i know that my server isn't going to be affected by this. But i dont know what is going to happen with my iot device.can you please help me?

Difficult to know, trust depends on how the client (your iot device) builds it's trust chain and what it can/cannot tolerate. So what libraries/OS does the iot use for it's https calls?

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You may want to double check the model number, I can't find that one.

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default root list there, as isrg x1 isn't on list its likely effected by dst expiration. not sure if they actually check root CAS expiration date, if not longer chain (new default one) will still be effective. but it's list has other CA you'd be able to scramble even if not. but it be costly as most ca there are old so had ask them to sign cert chained to specific root



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