Will certbot recognize docker containers?

I want to setup discourse in a docker container and discourse setup asks for domain and if I enter forum.domain.com will let’s encrypt recognize it?

Hi @JoyalV

Rephrase your question as a use case scenario as it has no context currently

Also note: this is a LetsEncrypt forum not a Discourse forum.

I want to get program x to work
I have installed in in a Docker Container
The Docker container has/does not have access to the outside world
I would like to use LetsEcrypt and Certbot as a client
I am planning to use challenge x…
What do you actually want a response on - is it feedback on how the install will go, is it feedback on whether you will pass challenges.


I want to setup a forum called Discourse (Install Instructions) under the subdomain forum (forum.example.com)

It needs to be in a Docker container

It will be accessing the outside world as it is a forum application

I would like to use Certbot for Ubuntu 16.04 running apache with 2 domain names already there. (example.com, test.co.uk)

If I am running Let’sEncrypt for the first time on the VPS, will it show forum.example.com or just the 2 domains for the 2 sites?

The names shown in your certificate usually depend on the names you specify when you run Certbot. Is your Discourse instance ultimately also hosted by your Apache instance, or does it have its own separate web server? (Are visitors to your forum having their HTTP requests answered by Apache?)

If Apache is ultimately responsible for the web site serving, you can run Certbot outside of your Docker container to configure all of your certificates and install them in your Apache configuration.

I run Discourse behind Nginx and let Nginx handle the SSL for me works brilliant and is lightning fast.
I have not tried Discourse as a container running by itself on port80 using their SSL settings in the app.yml best to ask on https://meta.discourse.org/

It will be in a container on the same VPS where other apache sites are hosted

Do you know how the integration between Discourse and the web server works?

The most likely case unless something very subtle is going on is that on the server, outside of the container, you can get a certificate and install it. Then everything that you host should be appropriately protected by HTTPS, regardless of the underlying implementation details of how it is hosted. In other words, you can most probably ignore the fact that the container exists at all (for certificate purposes).

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