Will a cloud VM workaround work for those whose ISP blocks port 80?

I have read some posts relating to this problem.

My setup currently is:

  1. A domain purchased from GoDaddy. There is a CNAME record which points to my dynamic DNS domain name.
  2. Dynamic DNS account with noip.com. This has an A record entry which points to my home router’s public IP (dynamic).
  3. Port forwarding setup in my home router. WAN port 80 is mapped to my server machine’s port 80 (which is in the router LAN)
  4. An nginx web server running on my server machine. It serves the default static page on port 80.
  5. Port 443 is not blocked. (God’s grace perhaps). There is also port mapping in the router for this.
  6. server machine has certbot-auto installed.

Since port 80 is blocked, certbot-auto fails. Wondering if I created a cloud vm, with the same setup as that of my server machine, and, then changed my DDNS to point to this machines public ip address, and then run certbot-auto from there…copy the certs from that machine and install it on my server machine.

Will this work?

Least painful path is probably just using DNS validation via GoDaddy.

Since you want the certificate for your actual (purchased) domain and not your dynamic DNS domain, I’d recommend the above.


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