Wildcards and safebrowsing

With the wildcard certificates live it’s indeed a lot harder to verify if a certificate should be issued. Besides it’s totally not the job of a ca to validate the content of a website/the people behind it. That’s what extended validation is for. Many users are using Firefox or Google Chrome which are using google safesearch anyway… Anyway you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work…


@josh It’s quite hypocritical to explain on the one hand that content is not the task of certificate authorities (and then the question arises why certificates at all…^), but on the other hand to explain public that usareally.com doesn’t receive certificates from Let’s Encrypt anymore, certainly not because they don’t implement the encryption dialog properly but just because of (drum roll) their content?

It's not because of their content but because their owner is on the U.S. SDN list.

From According to mcclatchydc.com Let's Encrypt revoqued and banned USAReally.com - #10 by josh :


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