Wildcard SSL not working with www on subdomain


To reiterate what was said earlier, though: you can’t get a certificate for www.*.example.com no matter what. It just doesn’t work. So you’ll have to do what @JuergenAuer said and get a non-wildcard certificate containing all the domain names and subdomain names individually.


I tried tried to create a new certificate and include the www.*.businessdirectory.cc and it gave an error.

Surely I am not the only one having issues with this?

Why cant I get a redirect or www to work… Its the same on the c panel. I tried it.


How would I do that? Create a certificate and add all sub domains in the field when I create it? would that ,make the www part work?


Create one certificate with


But you have one wildcard, so you must use dns-01 - validation with all domain names.

[Edit] If your client supports mixed validations, then it works. But Certbot doesn’t support it.

First the secure connection, then the redirect. So you need a certificate with the correct name.


Ok, so create a free SSL, then enter all the sub domains, wild card and main domain and then verify using DNS ?

My issue is that when trying to verify on a darn Plesk server, Plesk block the darn folder. Dame if I do, dame if I dont.


the fields ONLY allow me to add THREE thats it.


As far as I know, that’s not true. Validation challenges can be mixed per hostname within the same certificate.


Yep, it’s not true, I am using it with my own client. But Certbot doesn’t support such a mixed validation.

PS: I should add this.


If one uses --preferred-challenges http,dns then certbot will try a http challenge first in the search for an acceptable challenge for that validation and if it isn’t, use dns. Note: this does not mean it will use dns as a fallback if http validation is valid challenge, but fails. It only means it will use dns if http isn’t possible to begin with, such as when requesting a wildcard validation.


let me ask you guys one thing then please…

If I wanted to create a multisite environment, then add an SSL to all sub domains created with a wildcard, can this be done and still have the www.sub.maindomain.com work? what shall I do? I am so confused at all of this, read so many articles, and still have not found my answer.

Seriously, what can I do? Change servers from plesk to something else? As far as I know, this is same on c panel as it is with plesk.

My sites work great except for any sub domain does not work using the www prefix.


If Plesk and cPanel have this limitation, it looks bad. Perhaps you may use something like a managed server.

Or you install Certbot or another client, create the certificate and import it via Plesk.

But you have to do that every 60 - 85 days. So it’s not really a solution.

Another solution: Remove the wildcard dns entry and add your city-subdomains manual. Then you don’t have www.cityname - subdomains, only cityname-subdomains.


Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated…


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