Why mentioning python in the certbot installation command?

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I have a minor question, just out of personal curiosity... It's certainly not a problem to solve.

When I install certbot I do:

apt install certbot python3-certbot-apache

Why Python or python3 are mentioned there?
I never wrote even one line of python and I also don't think I've ever even installed Python on any Virtual Private Server Environment (VPSE) machine that I've ever rented so there is an element of ignorance in my question :slight_smile:

Certbot is written in Python.


In addition to @Osiris' correct answer, the naming of this package is something that's done by the package maintainers for your Linux distribution (which I'd guess to be Ubuntu or Debian), not by Let's Encrypt or by the certbot devs. Thus, you might find a more detailed answer through whatever support channels exist for that distro.


Indeed I use Ubuntu 20.10.

I recall that in or around the year 2016 there was a similar name, also with python.

For Ubuntu 20 you might consider the snap install rather than apt

Snap is the recommended. Just be sure to follow the install instructions closely to ensure you properly replace your apt install with snap


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