What is the correct way to do a renew in Acmev2?

Hi all,
I’m using a code I wrote in php as client and I would to know what is the correct way to do a renew.
Actually, my code do a renew in the same way of a request: make an order, exec challenges, finalize, get certificate.
It’s correct? or, having already got the authorization, there is a shorter way?

Hi @f4810

this is the correct and only way. You have to start with a new order, so you have a new order url and new tokens.

These are only 30 days valide. So if you renew a certificate after 60 days, you don't have the authorization.

If you start a new order 10 or 20 days after your last, the challenge is directly valide and the order is "ready".

Many thanks.

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