What does the parameter --nvv do?


In many examples I see the parameter --nvv in combination with the letsencrypt-auto standalone.
What does this parameter do?

I want to add a renewal script to my crontab.
First I want to know what -nvv does.
I’m looking for a way to have letsencrypt continue with all possible questions (e.g. certificate is not close to expiry, which I already prevent with --force-renewal)


It’s not one parameter but three (one -n and two -v). With short (single-dash / single-letter) options it’s common to combine them like that.

-v, --verbose This flag can be used multiple times to incrementally
increase the verbosity of output, e.g. -vvv. (default:
-n, --non-interactive, --noninteractive
Run without ever asking for user input. This may
require additional command line flags; the client will
try to explain which ones are required if it finds one
missing (default: False)