Web UI for viewing certs

It might be nice to have a Web UI to log into for viewing certificates. The UI could optionally make it easy to revoke certificates in case access to a server is lost (I hope that never happens to anyone, but it could!).

The rest can still be done by CLI, as things need to happen on the target server.

Revoking needs a private key of some sorts (certificate or account key) and these are and never will be shared with the Let’s Encrypt servers. So a LE based web-UI can never revoke a certificate on its own.

Furthermore, you can use CSR.sh to view all LE certificates: https://crt.sh/?Identity=%&iCAID=7395


Shamelesly plugging my webapp, the ssl decoder. You can paste the text-form of the certificate to view properties like expiration, subject, issuer and such. (https://ssldecoder.org/). You can also give it an URL to view all the certificates there.


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