Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt


With Certbot now being an EFF project, I think it makes the most sense to keep this list here.

I copied it back to the original post, made the post a wiki, and added it to our documentation category. Thanks everyone for maintaining this list!


Thanks for your great work with LetsEncrypt first.
Works nearly “as a charm” with my provider (netcup)
(… and since last month automatically renewed by the provider :slight_smile:

One question remaining for “spreading the word” about LE:
Is this page
(Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt)
the right link to send if you found another “bad-SSL-equipped” Website?

Or is there another/better link to promote LetsEncrypt to those needy websites?


Neify Hosting https://neify.es supports for all clients in all hosting plans free certificates Let’s Encrypt.


Added Futureweb OG - we support Let’s Encrypt on our Shared Hosting via Plesk Plugin (accessible for all our Users) and also on dedicated/virtual Servers.

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


Nublue (https://www.nublue.co.uk) provide Let’s Encrypt to all users on all our platforms (shared, vps and dedicated).

Tom Ashworth


Hi all,

Miss Hosting provides Let’s Encrypt SSL for free now, check the guide here: https://support.missgroup.com/hc/en-us/articles/212956305 .

Best Regards,
Fredrik Bjorklund


WebFaction is also working on it and it should probably be out soon. Here’s the source of the informations : https://github.com/will-in-wi/letsencrypt-webfaction/issues/47#issuecomment-248476526


EURO-SPACE - European web and VPS hosting solutions, now supports Let’s Encrypt in WHM / cPanel.


CrocWeb.com support Let’s Encrypt SSL, despite not having updated their feature list for shared hosting.
My own website uses their AdultCroc Plan and my clients use their BabyCroc Plans.
Both plan levels use Let’s Encrypt through cPanel and it works fairly smoothly at this time.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/KiRaShi3/status/702075035654066176
(I can also supply support tickets as additional proof, since I originally requested Let’s Encrypt on CrocWeb.)

Just thought I’d let you know @StopSpazzing so you can add them to the list.

EW Tech - ewtech.ca


Awesome, thanks for keep me up to date. Last time I tried about a month
ago, not even I could edit the post, which is odd. Once I have the admins
fix the issue I will be adding these plus many others that people have
messaged me about, and trust me there is a bunch.


Cartika.com now supports Let’s Encrypt as announced here: https://support.cartika.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2606615-let-s-encrypt-enabled-on-cpanel-platform


Host.al supports it as well.




We are offering Let’s Encrypt SSL with our web hosting plans…

Source : https://www.rshosting.com/free-ssl-certificates/

Can the moderators, please have our website listed.
Thank you.


FL1 Hosting (http://fl1.li/de/fl1-solutions/hosting) does not offer Let’s Encrypt.I had a chat with someone from support about a month ago but it seems like they aren’t planning to integrate it.


https://www.terranetwork.net - Let’s Encrypt now implemented :smiley:


WP Engine today announced support for Let’s Encrypt certificates:


The spanish hosting WebEmpresa also!



I wanted to update the OP that my company, PeoplesHost supports Let’s Encrypt via cPanel for all of our customers.

Hosting Page: https://www.peopleshost.com/lets-encrypt-ssl-hosting/
Blog Post: https://www.peopleshost.com/2016/10/free-lets-encrypt-ssl-with-hosting/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peopleshost/status/790609667391008768
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peopleshost/posts/1841039466173864:0
Knowledgebase: https://my.peopleshost.com/knowledgebase/54/Letandsharp039s-Encrypt-SSL.html

We are glad to be able to support this project!


FutureQuest.net provides Let’s Encrypt Cert Generation and full Automatic Updating



Viewen.com has publically announced that it will be adding and has already added Let’s Encrypt to all of their shared servers. Clients can simply reach out to us via our support ticket system, or on Facebook and we’ll get them set up.