Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Hostnet offers fully automated Let’s Encrypt support on all Shared hosting plans.


DTS-NET will be offering Let’s Encrpt Very Soon


La empresa de Hosting https://profesionalhosting.com también tiene en todos sus plaes


The greenhost source could be updated to their more recent post announcing LE wildcard cert support: https://www.greengeeks.com/blog/2018/05/01/free-lets-encrypt-wildcard-ssl/


Hi @freeSSLuser , sorry for the late response… I was taking longer than usual to come home… It’s been added.

Hi @whza, the site has been added with proper notes. Thank you!

Hi @ericb, i will get in touch with CADNS and request that feature being listed at (at least) one pages on their website. Thank you for this information!

Hi @Crell, Sorry for the delay. Platform.sh has been added to the list! Thank you for the information.

Hi @dvdkuinder, Thank you! The site has been added to the list as “Hostnet (NL)” (The NL was specified because Hostnet.de is in place)

Hi @dtsnet, Please let me know when DTS-NET officially support Let’s Encrypt. I’ll be glad to add it in the list.

Hola @aml837. Gracias. El sitio ha sido añadido con la bandera “manual”

Hi @jwatt, The source has been updated.


DTS-NET now offering Let’s Encrpt across DTS-NET hosting product line


Hey @stevenzhu, posted back in 2016 Web Hosting who support Let’s Encrypt about support for Let’s Encrypt.

At your convenience, would you be willing to add PeoplesHost to the list? Thanks in advance!


Apparently there is some problems with SiteGround for some users: Why is SiteGround having such issues with automatically renewing Let's Encrypt! SSL tickets?


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Hi @mattph,
According to https://www.peopleshost.com/2016/10/free-lets-encrypt-ssl-with-hosting/, the AutoSSL feature on People’s Host need to be activated with a ticket. Is it still true? If not, could you please provide a reference (link) to how it works now?

Thank you


Hi @dtsnet

First of all, could you please not include an aff link to your hosting site?
Could you please provide me any mention to Free certificate on the website? (or description?)

Thank you


when customer creates DTS-NET hosting account automatically creates a Free lets encrypt certificate for the customer website