VPN access only server

My office server is only accessed by VPN only and that time No Internet is open at server side.
So when I tried to implement SSL certificate nothing is happened because it is VPN access only server with no internet open at server.

  1. Is there any method that I still implement the SSL certificate in above scenario ?
  2. If yes then How to implement ?
    I have root access at my server.

I am trying very long to implement the certificate but all in vein.
Please help.

Yes, you can use DNS validation rather than HTTP or TLS-ALPN. The documentation for your preferred client will explain how to do this.

but keep mind that for obvious reason LE client need to talk to internet (LE api)

Thank you very much… my server on RHEL 6.5 with apache.
If possible please mentione the steps

Hi @upendrajpr

please start with the basics.

Then check the different challenge types:

Finally, select a client.

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As I said,

If you don't have a preferred client, acme.sh works well for DNS validation and supports a number of DNS providers.

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Thank you very much for guidance and I am now trying to implement through DNS as it only supported case in my server.

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