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Hi there,

Have been running let’s encrypt for a while when I had my server in home and worked very well. However, I moved to a shared office in the beginning of january and I am currently running my server on a different port (and use it by using However, I haven’t found any way te keep verifying my domain while running this way.
I cannot setup a reverse proxy myself so for now i need to keep running the url like this (with port number, which is fine for my usecase) but I do wonder if it’s possible to somehow still possible to have my domain be recognized by letsencrypt.


Hi @timvanhelsdingen

with http-01 validation, it’s not possible to verify a certificate. Port 80 is required.

Perhaps use dns-01 - validation.

But if it is a home server: Why is the shared office a problem? You can use your home server from your shared office.


Because it’s not a home server anymore because I moved into an office (used to work from home)
I run my workdrive as a fileserver to quickly share the many gigabytes of data i genrate without having to upload anything to the cloud.

I will look into how dns-01 validation works, is it still possible to keep this domain locally though? (using noip)


It’s only another validation method.

The created certificate is the same.

You have to create a dns TXT entry with a special value. But the value changes, so you have to do that every 60 - 85 days.


Perfect! this worked like a chart. I wasn’t aware this was possible.


Happy to read that it has worked.

The best is, if your dns-provider has an API. Then you can use automation, so you don’t have to create these txt entries manual.

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