Using Let's Encrypt for eMail Managed Service Provider using cPanel

hi @rohanb105

Then I would suggest contacting cPanel and see if this is feasible with their Let’s Encrypt plugin.


@ahaw021 can this be achieved via CLI if so how can i do that

Hi @rohanb105,

Did you ever figure out whether you have a way to update your DNS records via an API?

Hi @schoen i did update DNS records but not via API. I did it by directly logging into the account coz both server are mine. one is for webhosting other is just for emails
I also added A records of email server but still no luck

Hi @schoen i was reading another thread and found that some one had similar problems with the paid plugin le-cp i am using the same one. is this different from the official plugin ?

I don’t recall but I think it might be. Did you ever try asking on the cPanel forums?

What method were you planning to use to prove your control over the domain name?

to be honest right now i want to use anything which will work

i did raise a ticket with them but they said its some related to Let’s Encrypt which they cannot handle. so basically i am screwed

A) No - it’s not to do with Let’s Encrypt. All information about the ACME protocol is published and available for you to review
B) If you are paying for a plugin they should be able to articulate which methods they support for authentication and able to articulate if it’s suitable for the job you bought it for.

It’s starting to look more and more like the wrong tool for the job however this is starting to get in the realm of professional consulting and I don’t really want to design a solution (and even if i did have time i would only give you the high level details as I have done below).

I think you should go back to the drawing board

Read up about certbot capabilities and plugins (

Review other client options.

Review the cPanel API -

My background is in designing solution however I am used to dealing with technical people and used to having certain flexibility (i.e. if something is not suitable then don’t use it)

I have no expertise in cPanel, still don’t know who your DNS provider is etc

The answers are all there it’s just up to you to put it together :smiley:


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