Usefulness to leading-edge end users?


It seems from what I have read on this site that the Let’s Encrypt client is the sole interface for requesting certificates be issued, revoked, etc. Is this correct?

I ask because my excitement for Let’s Encrypt is unlikely to have any immediate influence on my web host, and although it would be really nice to use this service, I do not have shell access to my sites’ servers, and thus would not be able to interact with the client. Until my host configures my servers, CPanel installations, etc. to give me a way to use the Let’s Encrypt client, it seems I may be up a creek…



yeah you’d need your web host to do it on their end or setup your own separate VPS with root access to run client in standalone mode to obtain SSL certificate which you can copy over / install to your shared hosting site


@denver.root, other people are encouraged to create software that interoperates with Let’s Encrypt using the ACME protocol. However, the Let’s Encrypt project itself is currently not creating interfaces other than the client software. For example, we’re not creating a web interface. We’re happy to talk to hosting providers about how they can integrate with our service.