i have problems with integrating letsencrypt certificates, and now i have error “urn:acme:error:rateLimited”.

There are solution?


For testing etc you should be using the staging server, not the live server.

The only solution is to either use the certificates you already have, or wait (for a week )

What were you trying to do ? and what was the issue you were having (before you hit the rate limit) ?

I know, its my mistake :pensive:

After 1st. instalation, is all working, but i tried use certificates for subdomain, and after several mistakes and renewing certificates, i tried complete delete letsencrypt folder, and reinstalled it to solve this problem.

But i don´t know about limit, and now i am without certificates :pensive:

Because i deleted this folder, i dont have a certificates, and must wait for limit expiration.

Do you still have the private key ? if so you can obtain the certificates from crt.sh

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