Upgrade the root certificate from X3 to X1

We're running k8s 1.17 and on cert-manager version 0.9, as you know the x3 will expire in three days (sep 30, 2021) when we check out cert in any of the services we run, show the X3 as root certificate, we're asking the help for the best way we can remediate this issue, so after september 30 not dealing with expired root certificate,

Appreciate it

Hi @farshadhadei, welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

There is a topic dedicated to this: Help thread for DST Root CA X3 expiration (September 2021)

Also have a look at the video posted here: Join us and learn about certificate chains! - #35 by jple

Also do notice this update: Help thread for DST Root CA X3 expiration (September 2021) - #198 by xnox


Thanks @rg305 for the links, actually I didn't find anything related to the root cert expiry for k8s, is there any topic related to it? also may I ask how we can request to remove us from rate limit of 5 cert reissues? we were testing cert manager upgrade by upgrading to major releases and got ourselves locked down in your API :frowning: , please advise.

Thanks in advance

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You can't request such a thing: rate limits are temporary and cannot be lifted earlier by human intervention.

Also, are you 100 % sure your servers are sending the incorrect intermediate? How did you check that?

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