Unsecure site with LE cert


Hi All,

I have a host with automate.nsautomate.com.au which successfully installed a certificate with LE, however when I browse to it, it appears unsecure. Ive verified the paths are correct in my NGINX files for the certs. Any suggestions?

Thank you


Hi Kris,

From the public Internet, these servers have the same address ( You must have some kind of router or firewall that is forwarding port 80 and port 443 to one of the private IP addresses—but not to the other. Therefore, one of your servers—but not the other—always receives all of the inbound connections from the public Internet.

It’s difficult to share a public IP address this way unless your router or firewall device performs application-layer reverse proxying or load balancing.


You’re right! I’m an idiot. Derrr!!!

I already have an existing HTTPS inbound port forward for to my production server.

I just changed the port forward external port to send this to 443 on the other internal server! How silly of me. Sorry


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