Unexpected error

i am using Maestro Hosting Panel and ready Let’s SSL Api and using some domains.
I could add ssl to a domain for up to several days. I made the last batch update and after that I started getting this error


Unexpected error, at ACMESharp.AcmeClient.Register(String contacts) at mstrssl.Lencrypt.TQnkFEYtpMZdjTp7rI(Object , Object ) at mstrssl.Lencrypt.RegisterClient() at mstrssl.Program.k5tN1SK29fetKBZhHB8(Object ) at mstrssl.Program.GenerateAndInstallCertificate(Options options) at mstrssl.Program.RenewCertificate(Options options) at mstrssl.Program.Main(String args)

Hi @zarslan

is that tool really ACME-v2 ready?

Looks like that tool is too old, so only ACME-v1 is supported. That’s deprecated, ACME-v1 doesn’t allow to register new users.

Ask your hosting company.

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Hi @JuergenAuer ,
when was removed Module using this link

the following urls are parametric, I changed them enough, api parameters are changing.
If I just need to change the url, would you share base URL and stage url information with me

Base URL
Stage URL

If @JuergenAuer’s guess is correct, then you may no longer use this version of this software with the Let’s Encrypt service.

It may be helpful to check with the developers of your software that you are using an ACMEv2-capable version of the software.

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