Unboundtest.com upgraded to 1.9.3

I’ve updated Unbound on unboundtest.com to 1.9.3. This version is not yet deployed in production but will be soon. The main change of note is that Unbound’s 1.9 series introduces the EDNS flag day 2019 changes. That is, there will no longer be fallback for authoritative resolvers that are not tolerant of EDNS.

We expect that this will be low-impact because most major resolvers have already deployed the flag day changes, meaning that domains incompatible with the change won’t resolve for most people. If you’re curious, you can test your domain.

You may also be interested to know that there is a “work in progress” flag day being planned for 2020 to address issues around IP fragmentation of DNS packets.


I’ve upgraded Let’s Debug to libunbound 1.9.3 as well.


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