Unable to renew the Let's Encrtypt certificate


then It’s not possible to use http-01. LE need to see your site to check right token is there.


Will it easy process ?
How long LE took to check the token?.

I am like buy a certificate for one year, how much it cost ?


select DNS verification and do as what it says.


I am using ubuntu system. I have created webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge in root. After clicking next, I am getting below error,


Your domain unregisted by freenom, you need 25 hits on domain per 90 days, otherwise Freenom took it away.


oh… What i need to do now ?.. I need to request Freenom to renew my domain.


Can you please guide me?.
I dont know what to do next ?.
If options are provided, I will select based on my needs.

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