Unable to generate cert on Staging... Rate limit?


I hope those folks are able to figure out the problem. Best of luck!

The change @JuergenAuer linked to won’t change your situation, it’s completely unrelated. Unfortunately if your Pfsesne client is not working today I don’t have strong reason to believe it will start working on the 16th.


Annoyingly it was working and nothing has really changed. I just rebuilt the VM and restored the config file. Just lacking the acme settings was all.

Shouldn’t really cause any issue!

There is support for another CA but I’d rather not move because of this issue. I’d rather fix it.

Kinda like buying a new car once the tank is empty!

Just fix it



believe it or not, it was capitalisation in the cert that caused it to fail.

If anybody else has issues with certs failing, try going lowercase!

Makes no sense but it works

Thanks to jimp in the netgate forums for suggesting it,
dispite suggesting it would make no difference!

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