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My domain is:

I'm responsible for determining who owns various domains within our organisation. Is it possible for me to find out who owns these sites, as I can see they are being extended, which I'm sure is costing the business money however, I need to determine who owns these sites and to get in contact with them to centrally manage all the SSL Certificates.


I think that's a question for your IT department and your authoritative nameservers.


If you are meaning the certificates are being extended, Let's Encrypt certificates are completely free of charge. The accounts used to obtain them are just keypairs and no details, not even an email address is required to register


It appears that those domains are controlled by the Victoria (AU) Department of Justice. I'm not sure that the government IT department actually charges for them, though. The closest I can find is a general auDA fee of AU$8.67/year, and I'm not at all sure that applies to .gov.au domains.

I'm a bit confused, though. What business's money are you concerned about? Do you mean in the form of increased taxes?

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The certificates present include 1 purchased wildcard certificate and 2 Let's Encrypt certificates. I would suggest that the wildcard is probably shared by several services so IT will know who owns that (or finance will know who pays for it).

The Let's Encrypt certificates (which are free) are likely automated on the servers themselves and don't relate to a person. Obviously these are all subdomains of the same justice.voc.gov.au domain so just ask IT who requested the DNS entries (there will be a central administrator for DNS, they can check their support tickets or email) - they're not independent "domains" that go via a registrar, which I assume you already know, they're just DNS records.

I'm not sure you need to worry about the costs specifically (the budget for IT will be in the hundreds of millions), it's more important that there is a registry of system owners. e.g. if any of these system had a security breach you'd need to tell the right person quickly. If I know Australia gov IT depts it will be in Jira somewhere.


Hi Maxh,

Firstly, thanks for the response. Just concerned from an on-going business cost, If the page goes down for any reason then the Victorian public will have issues accessing the site. That's a big issue.


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Hi Webprofusion,

Thanks for your response, I'll do a little more digging around.

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Hi ski192man,

I had no Idea they were free, thanks for your feedback

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