Unable to connect to server from within same network

I’ve setup a Mac Mini as a web server with a letsencrypt certificate. It all works fine.

I can go to https://mydomain.com no problem. The problem is that if I’m on the same network that the server is on, the page just loads “forever” until finally it says “The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.” (firefox). Why is the cert treated as invalid/insecure when I’m on the same network as the server?

I can confirm it’s working when I access the site from outside my network, e.g. through a vpn or my mobile network.

Ideas? Been struggling with this all day

That’s an unusual error message. I don’t think it’s related to the certificate.

I’m not sure what it is related to, though.


A certificate key pinning failure can lead to the same error code, but it should have a different message.

Other things mentioned in the source code are TLS version intolerance (where the server/a firewall violates standards and reacts badly to TLS 1.2) or the nebulous “other non-overrideable errors”.


Is that the whole error message, or is there any more?

How exactly are you connecting to the server from the same network? Are you somehow locally pointing the domain name at the server's local IP address? Are you trying to access it directly via its local IP address? Are you just using the normal URL with no special configuration, while you happen to be on the same network?

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