Trying to renew certificate but fails

I’m trying to renew my certificate using acme-nginx, when I renew it gives me this error:

Jan 31 18:06:53 Trying to register account key
Jan 31 18:06:56 Already registered!
Jan 31 18:06:56 Requesting challenge
Jan 31 18:06:58 Adding nginx virtual host and completing challenge
Jan 31 18:06:58 Creating file /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/0-letsencrypt
Jan 31 18:07:01 challenge did not pass: {u'status': u'invalid', u'validationRecord': [{u'addressesResolved': [u'', u'2a02:c205:2011:2279::1'], u'url': u'', u'hostname': u'', u'addressesTried': [], u'addressUsed': u'2a02:c205:2011:2279::1', u'port': u'80'}], u'keyAuthorization': u'Z3VYW1RWnvH0I-Yf3HlOwJV-8JDhRI7cGZXW_l6myVY.uFxU6Pn7CVBZryVu2tNlxDGIZT41cWcfVb-WjV3BoQM', u'uri': u'', u'token': u'Z3VYW1RWnvH0I-Yf3HlOwJV-8JDhRI7cGZXW_l6myVY', u'error': {u'status': 403, u'type': u'urn:acme:error:unauthorized', u'detail': u'Invalid response from "<html>\r\n<head><title>404 Not Found</title></head>\r\n<body bgcolor="white">\r\n<center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center>\r\n<hr><center>"'}, u'type': u'http-01'}

I runned in debbug mode to see nginx configuration and everything works as expected, when I try to acces the challenge url of the mds file the download starts, Any guesses?

It’s using an IPv6 address to connect to your server, are you sure that your webserver is properly responding to IPv6 requests? This is a very common cause of failure.

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Hi Jared you’re absolutely right, I was using and old version of acme-nginx, when it created my virtual server at nginx it doesn’t added support to listen port 80 ipv6, I did the test on a amazon ec2 instance since in my computer It was working. Thanks a lot for the reply.

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