Trust of to generate private keys


Two older threads asked if it was secure to use it:

On both, the advice was to prefer (who doesn’t generate private keys) but without details.
One suggested (who also generate private keys)

As a general advice, it’s better to generate your private key and csr offline.

If you must generate it online you have to trust the service.

I see some red flags about sslforfree:

And, from a security point of view:

So I would not recommend that website to generate your private key.

Although it should be safe to use to generate a certificate if you already have a CSR (See #2)

Beware, that service also may ask for your ftp password:

Site note: Let’s Encrypt apparently decided to stop listing browser based clients on :

To compare with :


This isn’t really safe either. Due to the fact that authorizations are re-usable (currently for 30 days), it opens the opportunity for to just silently* issue an identical certificate under an alternate private key. This is because they control the ACME account key at all times.

(* mitigated by CT logs but most users are not savvy to that)


Thanks for pointing that out, corrected!


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