Transfert from a server to another

Can I simply copy all my config file from 1 server to another 1 and expect to be operational ?

I plan to copy /etc/letsencrypt and ~/.aws/config for route53 plugin.

I examine /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/{{acme api uri}}/{{uudi}}/meta.json and I found the hostname where the account was create. This is ok to reuse it on another server?

I also find couple csr and keys and renewal config. Can I safely copy it ?

Thank you!

If you copy all of /etc/letsencrypt/ -- making sure to preserve symlinks and permissions -- it ought to work.

You have to make sure that the rest of the environment is also close enough. For example, you might run into trouble if:

  • The new server has an older version of Certbot installed.
  • The systemd timer or cron job isn't enabled.
  • You're using the Apache or Nginx plugin, and the web server configuration is so different that Certbot doesn't understand it.
  • You have hooks configured, but they don't work for some reason...

That kind of thing.

Yes. Certbot just remembers the hostname from when the account was created. It's not used for anything. It doesn't matter if you change it or move the account to another server with a different one.

No I don’t use it with Apache or Ngnix. I want to generate the certificate and use our tool to deploy it.

Thanks a lot!!!

If you do that and you don't use Certbot's configuration file parsing or automated renewal features, a simpler and lighter-weight ACME client might be more useful to you.

Certbot's main benefit is automating certificate issuance and renewal, especially via web server integrations. If you don't use those features and just want a command-line tool that generates a certificate, another client might be easier for you!

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