Transfer certs from a vm machine to another identical one

Due to an error on a vm instance on google cloud where certbot auto had already been installed and the certificates I have to necessarily create and launch a new identical vm instance and since I won’t be able to repeat the installation procedure of the letsencrytp certificates due to the fact that it has already been done

I wish to know how and if it is possible to migrate certbot auto and the certificates and the various configurations from one instance vm to another identical one.

Which files to copy and which dependencies. Many files are inside /etc/letsencrypt/ . Is there a way to be able to do this ?

I think that the first step will be to install again certbot auto in the new vm instance, but after … ?

Thank you for your help

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Check the limits are suitable for your use-case but for me, when rebuilding a new instance of a VM, I tend to just re-run the same automated setup script as the first time around. That configures and requests a new certificate each time the instance is built. As long as you don’t hit any of the limits, Let’s Encrypt will just issue a new certificate for your domain.

If you’re building many instances you’ll need something more sophisticated and perhaps someone else could advise how to transfer an existing configuration to a new VM instance.


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