Too many requests - can I keep retrying every hour?

Hi all,

I get the error on a server that I did too many requests:

ACME server returned an error: urn:acme:error:rateLimited :: There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains:

I accidentally had my certificates in a volatile storage, so I was requesting a new one each time the service was started. This is fixed now.

I now have a process which tries to request the certificates every hour. Will I eventually be able to request a new certificate (after 7 days) or am I just shooting myself in the foot with script because every hour the request wait period will be reset to 0 when I request the certificates, meaning that I will never get a new certificate?

Thank you very much!

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That would work, yes.

The rate-limit you’re running into happens to be the one for duplicate domains, so you could also get around it by adding an additional (sub)domain to your request.


Thank you very much for your feedback @pfg!

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