Too many pending authorizations - Certify on Windows


How do I resolve this? we are using Certify SSL certificate management with IIS and have maybe 15+ domains using it.

It’s been close to 10 days since this error popped up, we saw it on the 5th. I’m not sure how to clear pending authorizations.

You should first find out what is creating these in the first place, but there have been several topics posted regarding the clearing of pending authz, including linking to a tool created for this purpose. You will need to inspect your Let’s Encrypt logs to find the pending authz files and go from there.

Where are the logs stored? I looked around the web server and did not see them.

I believe in /var/log/letsencrypt by default, if using Certbot. It’s mentioned in the link I posted…

This is a windows server.


Can’t really help with log locations there, you’d have to look at their documentation and/or check with their support. I’m altering the title to attempt to draw anyone experienced with Certify to help.

@webprofusion - any help?

Hi, yes this is now resolved via support. The issue did highlight that if you have a number of sites which will fail to renew because a domain will not validate, auto renew needs to stop trying those after a while. We currently don’t have the feature to notify you if renewal has stopped working but it’s coming.

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