Too many certificates already issues for


we are using Letsencrypt for our internal an external Services a lot. Currently we had to migrate a lot of our systems to another location in the datacenter which lead to a hostname change on a lot of servers.

Now we are getting rate-limited:

Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for:

Is it possible to increase these limit somehow? These are all hosts managed and maintained by us.

Hi @stefans,

If the hosts all belong to your own organization, we would normally request that you create certificates that cover more than one host and then install those certificates on multiple hosts. Let’s Encrypt allows up to 100 names to be covered by a single certificate, which means you can get 2000 new subdomains covered per week. (I realize that sharing private keys between systems does increase the security impact of a key compromise, so not everyone wants to do this in every setting.)

You can read more about the rate limits at

If you find that you really need an exemption, there’s a form available there to request it, but the exemption might not be granted without a very strong justification when it relates to an organization’s own internal systems. If the subdomains are operated by or on behalf of distinct customers, that would typically be an easier case for the exemption.

Hey @schoen,

thanks a lot! i contacted them.

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