Tomcat with Letencrypt response very slow

The site response is extremely slow. But when I switch to self-signed certificate it is quick to respond. As soon as I switch to the letencrypt certificate it again is extremely slow. Can I do some configuration on Apache Tomcat to make the certificate respond faster?

The response is a minimum of 18 sec and then slows down to 2-3 minutes per request cycle.

My web server is: Apache Tomcat 9

The operating system my web server runs on is: CentOS 7.9

I think it is unlikely the cert is causing the problem. What is your domain name?


How long does it take for it to become slow?
Does it also eventually become slow using the self-signed cert?
How many connections are in use during the slowness?
What are the differences in the two certs?


Troubleshooting Tomcat TLS/SSL

Additional information may be obtained about TLS handshake failures by configuring the dedicated TLS handshake logger to log debug level messages by adding the following to $CATALINA_BASE/conf/




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