Tomcat Windows Authorization Question

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My domain is:

I am attempting to run letsencrypt on a windows server running tomcat. Im using the self-host verification file method but Im not sure how im supposed to go about putting a verification file on the webserver. Am I supposed to manually create the folders/files. If so I cant figure out where. And the file name is different everytime I run the script. Sorry, very new to this

The challenge file needs to reside in whatever directory files will be served from if requested by

The challenge file name and contents will be different every time, but let’s say the name was abcdefg, then in order for the authorization to be successful, that file would need to be returned when Let’s Encrypt tries to load

I don’t know enough about Tomcat to tell you where this directory would be on the filesystem, but it will be beneath whatever directory you place the rest of your website files in.

I understand that concept but I dont get how I could get that file there. The only time I know what the file name is is when letsencrypt is running and it only has a couple seconds before it times out because the file isnt there.

How are you running your Let’s Encrypt client? In most cases it’s supposed to either put it there for you, or wait until you tell it to proceed.

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Im just running letsencrypt from command line with no parameters and following through the prompts

I assume you mean the Let’s Encrypt Win Simple client? I’m less familiar with that one, but poking around their docs, it seems you may want to use the filesystem plugin listed here, as it allows you to specify a webroot directory on the command line:

correct, that is the one I am using

I scanned through and dont see which one would be that parameter

The highlighted flags, I suspect.

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Of course, change that path to the root of your web directory.

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