Tls_parse_ctos_key_share:bad key share

Version certbot 0.40.0
Ubuntu 20.04 LTD

I deployed ubuntu on server installed an application on it
and decided to install an SSL certificate from certbot.
Everything worked fine, but after the reboot I get a 404 error in the logs and nginex
throws tls_parse_ctos_key_share:bad key share in access.log a lot of left
requests. It seems that letsencrypt, seeing the left requests, blocks mine
certificates. Can you recommend anything. While the application solution on the site
will use a maximum of 3 IP pieces?

Let's Encrypt does not monitor inbound requests to your server. It cannot "see the left requests" (not sure what those even are).

Your server looks correct by several test sites. See the SSL Labs report which shows an A grade

That is a very odd error message. I found this Stack Overflow thread that describes various reasons for the problem.


I suspect a MiTM (or a GiTM).

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