The verification method of the certificate application

Do I know how to apply for the certificate and have the application completed,But I have a question,Can the application for wildcard certificate be verified only through THE TXT record of DNS or THE API of DNS?I have heard others say that wildcards can also be verified by URL, but I think it is not possible, so I need to confirm with you!Thank you for help

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Yes, wildcard identifiers can only be authorized via the DNS challenge. This is mentioned on


Hi @can167

where have you read that?

One thing is possible. If you want to create one certificate with


you must validate two domain names to create one certificate. The validation of * must use dns validation. The validation of can use another validation method.

So, as @_az wrote: Wildcard identifiers are not the same as wildcard certificates.

One certificate can have wildcard identifiers and other identifiers.


Ok, I see. Thank you for your help

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