Testing Let's Encrypt in Vagrant

Hi all,

I’ve already tried Let’s Encrypt and successfully issued a certificate by following a tutorial on one of my domains. Now I’m setting a development environment with Vagrant and Ansible und installed an Ansible role (geerlingguy.certbot) for installing and managing certbot, where I would like to automate and test the creation of certificates. I have read several threads regarding this subject, but it’s still unclear to me what are the options and how they work.

I’ve tried with Ansible and this command:
certbot_create_command: "{{ certbot_script }} certonly --test-cert --standalone --noninteractive --agree-tos --email {{ cert_item.email | default(certbot_admin_email) }} -d {{ cert_item.domains | join(',') }}"
but nothing happens.

So, is it possible to simulate the whole process and how? Is it possible to simulate the whole process for a fake domain? How does it play together with Nginx or Apache? Could someone provide details or suggest a tutorial?

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