System does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using "squashfs"

There is, on that line 134.

Do you see that weird grey-and-black rectangle on the end of the line?

I think that’s the bad hidden character. It might not be visible in a text editor. It probably got there through some kind of copy-and-paste operation.

I think if you delete everything past the # on that line, the problem should go away.

Check again with the grep afterwards that it’s gone.

Oh, gosh. You’re right one more time… I had noticed that stuff before… I was suspecting from the beginning. And yes, I used this copy-paste method there. Now I remember… Ok, I’ll take it out and see how it goes… Wait…

Things seem to me okay, at least for now. Look:

That means that when I set the subdomain it will show on that list, right?

I think I know what the problem was: have you came across that situation where you press tab and then a long red space shows there? So… that’s what happened. However, I didn’t know what it meant. Now I know what that heck may cause. Why?

When you add another virtual host to the nginx configuration (such as for another subdomain), it should show up on that list, yes.

You can also specify the domains you want on a certificate like:

sudo certbot --nginx -d -d -d

And Certbot would generate a certificate that covers all 3 domains.

From that description, I’m not really sure. Things can get a bit weird when you’re copying text from Windows into a Linux terminal, unless you’re sure that you’re dealing with “plain text” on both sides.

Oh, now I know. That shows that the issue is not THAT complex. Thank you a giant bunch.

Ok, but… What the devil is that? I pressed Ctrl + C to get out of it and…


That’s normal for a Ctrl-C, assuming the last line of that error is KeyboardInterrupt. Maybe Certbot shouldn’t print a big scary error like that, I’ll file an issue for it. (Edit: filed)

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Phew… Not so bad… Anyways… Ten cue (Thank you)!

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