Sub-domain validation


I am new to Let’s Encrypt and am considering using it for a project where I would have to issue certificate for specific sub-domain without having direct access to the top-level domain DNS servers themselves.

So per example, I would want to issue a certificate for and I could pass a challenge for a file hosted on but not (because another team controls the top-level).

Question is, does the ACME protocol allow for validation to be done on the sub-domain for which the certificate was requested or is it always done from the top-level domain no matter what?



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I believe all validations are done on the exact/complete FQDN(s) requested - not on the base domain.


Yes, validations are all performed on the specific domain requested. The only reason you would not be able to receive a certificate for a subdomain is if a higher level domain has a CAA record prohibiting Let’s Encrypt from issuing certificates for that domain.


Great, thanks for confirming!

I think @jsha also said that, somewhat counterintuitively in terms of what we might expect from DNS hierarchy, you are allowed to override that CAA record with a more-specific CAA record permitting the issuance.

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Yep, although this is unlikely to affect the original poster. :slight_smile: Details at for whoever is interested.

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That’s actually very useful to know especially the part about the sub-domain CAA overriding the top-level CAA, this could come in useful! Thanks for the link to the documentation.

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