Strange problem with Pebble

I've been developing an ACME client against the staging server, but have switched to testing with Pebble.

When making a new account request to Pebble I get this problem response,

  type: "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed",
  detail: "JWS header parameter 'url' incorrect. Expected \"https://localhost:14000/https://localhost:14000/sign-me-up\", got \"https://localhost:14000/sign-me-up\"",
  status: 400

Pebble expects the url field to be https://localhost:14000/https://localhost:14000/sign-me-up?

This doesn't seem right.

Pebble is run in a container with this command,



  "pebble": {
    "listenAddress": "",
    "managementListenAddress": "",
    "certificate": "test/certs/localhost/cert.pem",
    "privateKey": "test/certs/localhost/key.pem",
    "httpPort": 5002,
    "tlsPort": 5001,
    "ocspResponderURL": "",
    "externalAccountBindingRequired": false

Any ideas?

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Can you share the contents of pebble-config.json? Not sure if it'll help, but probably a good idea to show it, so others won't ask for it later :stuck_out_tongue:


Pebble reflects the the Request-URI and Host request header when it checks for URL correctness.

You might be sending:

GET https://localhost:14000/sign-me-up HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:14000

Which, while is technically correct, isn't supported by Pebble.


Thanks. That’s what it was. Request URI


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