Startencrypt from startcom


See my attached screenshot from the email announcement I received from startssl about their new service startencrypt. Will LE ever offer longer than 90 day certs or wildcards? I’m just curious, doesn’t bother me either way.


See A Funny Response for some discussion of this email. It’s unlikely, IMO, that LE will ever offer certs with greater than a 90-day duration, but I can always be wrong, and there are sure plenty of people who are complaining about the lifetimes.


I haven’t tried to run their binary (no source code? but the API is available). You should bare in mind that StartCom charge for revocations. Now that their Class-1 certificates supports up to 5 hosts you can play with the hosts order to avoid revocation.

Today with the DevOps movement a certificate with long validity and costs on revocations can be a serious hassle as the infrastructure is more dynamic.

I stopped using their service on April, so some stuff I mentioned may have changed (like charging for revocation or their algorithm to identify similar hosts on different certificates in the same class)


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