SSLShopper shows my Chain Cert as Let's Encrypt Authority X1 and Not Trusted in All Browsers


Thanks, there is a link to this old thread:

The user certificate store of the Local System account. Curious.

So if IIS runs under a special account, the user certificate store of that account should be checked.

But it’s impossible to do that in a Shared Hosting environment.


Ok so it sounds like it’s a problem on GoDaddy’s end with their Windows Deluxe Shared Hosting. I’m sure getting them to do anything about it will be a huge pain in the ass- they really push their SSL package which is expensive and doesn’t even automatically cover a domain with and without www. I didn’t have any problems hosting with them before needing this, but I am hoping to setup a simple shopping cart down the road with something like prestashop (and just accept paypal) so I suspect that will be painful too.

I will still contact their support about it, but does anyone have a better hosting company they can recommend, that actually supports Let’s Encrypt and installations such as Prestashop? Running my own server isn’t an option… my site eats up too much bandwidth from other sites hotlinking, and I doubt Bell would like that seeing as I don’t have a business account (or want one.)

I suppose another option would be switching to CPanel with Linux with them (I only have Windows hosting as originally my husband was thinking he might use it, as he used to code in ASP.Net several years ago.) But I hesitate to send any more business their way after all this mess, and again, suspect setting up a shopping cart myself would be awful, if even possible, on their hosting platforms.